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Bueno.com may be the newest entry into the social network scene but it’s got something everyone is talking about – a free USA number with voicemail call waiting and a virtual phone empowering site users to make and receive free calls as long as they have a microphone and speakers wherever they are.While the launch of its beta version of “what’s soon to come”, even though many of the gadgets work, there are several significant features placing what Bueno will be, in a league of its own.First, of course you get your own email address and voicemail in box –you can send and receive emails videomail ect... You get a very well organized wall with a nice feature – your wall is always present so you can keep up with the activity without having to open and close screens. You can post and receive not only text messages, but voice and video messages as well. Very slick. Want to let your friends know what you’re doing right now – record and send a video post in seconds (but make sure you have a web cam). Bueno users also get their own photo album page enabling users to import and collect your favorite pix and video galleries where you can store the video messages you want to hold on to.With all of these robust features, the sense is that you cancommunicate with any of your member friends using text, email, video and now, your own virtual phone, for free, as well as keeping your life in a fairly sane state – let’s not forget the calendar, blog, and chat.At sign up, you’ll choose a phone number – you’ll now have the ability to call a friend, from your computer, and give them your real BUENO phone number, named “ME”. If your friend happens to be in Mexico or Italy, and you’re in the USA, the call is free. When your friends sign up – you’re all in, chatting, emailing, sending video messages and calling all simultaneously and for free.Let’s not forget the music search option you can load up with your new found favorite artists thanks to BUENO’s legally free search technology. Bueno.com is a Miami based technology and communications enterprise. Ownership and management have spent thousands of hours collaborating with their team of techies and it is apparent this network really has a grasp on not only what everyone seems to want in a feature rich community, but something very innovative, new, and free.

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  • 600 ne 36 st C1, Miami, Florida , United States .

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