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Digimarc is a leading innovator and technology provider.Based in Beaverton, Oregon (USA), Digimarc enables businesses and governments worldwide to enrich everyday living with the means to identify all forms of content, including audio, video and imagery. We develop solutions, license intellectual property and provide development services to business partners across a wide range of industries.OUR VISIONAll of Digimarc’s solutions reflect a unified vision: to enrich everyday living via pervasive, intuitive computing. We accomplish this by creating a new means of communication ‒ based on digital watermarking technology ‒ that can be embedded into media and objects, allowing computers and digital devices to see, hear and engage with the world around them much like people do. The result is that consumers and organizations can easily access digital content when, where and how they want it.There are tens of billions of digitally watermarked objects already in use today, and hundreds of millions of devices that can detect them and respond — but that’s just the beginning. Digimarc is partnering with industry leaders worldwide to make intuitive computing a reality by bringing convenience, simplicity and enhanced experiences to users’ interactions with media and the physical world.DIGIMARC TECHNOLOGY AT WORKDigimarc and its partners offer a wide range of applications available today:Link from print-to-web and instantly access relevant information or content online from a handheld digital device, like your mobile phone.Communicate ownership, copyright and other details about your digital images and how you can be contacted.Authenticate content and objects to confirm they are genuine, unaltered and from an authorized source.Monitor broadcasts and Internet distribution of television programming in geographical markets or over the Internet for market research and rights management.Identify and manage content by giving it a persistent digital identity that can be used to easily locate, filter and track it, and determine where it leaves its authorized distribution path.Deter counterfeiting and piracy by facilitating content copyright communication, filtering and forensic tracking, and by providing controls over the recording, playback or copying of content.Secure and authenticate credentials enabling identification issuers to increase security as well as reliably authenticate them at various points of inspection.

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