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Our mission is to help you learn to program. Whether you are a brand new programmer just learning programming skills, or are an experience programmer learning a new language for the first time, LearnToProgram.tv is here to help! Based outside of Hartford, Connecticut, we offer self-paced and instructor led training online and offline.Since much of our training happens on the internet we have students all over the world. Our affordable self-paced internet courses have thousands of students enrolled from the USA, India, UAE, South America and even Africa.We also offer popular boot-camp style, instructor-led classes. In just seven days you can learn professional level skills used by web developers and designers world-wide in our “Web Development Professional Code Camp.” If you already program, but want to take your skills to the next level, you might be interested in our Android or iOS Code Camp experiences where you’ll learn to develop quality mobile apps in just a few days!WHAT CAN I LEARN?We teach people several programming languages and development technologies including:HTML/XHTML/HTML5CSSJavascript & AjaxJavaAndroid MobileiOs Mobile (iPhone and IPad)PHPmany more…WHERE CAN I LEARN?Recognizing that everyone has different needs, schedules and budgets, LearnToProgram.tv offers three types of courses: Self Paced Online TrainingYou work through these video based courses at your own pace. However, there is much more to our self paced online training than the video lectures. Each course comes with interesting and challenging laboratory exercises to help you solidify and integrate the materials. And unlike most self-paced training, the instructor is available to help you understand concepts, and answer questions. You can post a question at any time to the class discussion boards, which are moderated by the instructor. Live Online TrainingThis is just like traditional instructor-led classroom training- except it takes place online. You’ll see the instructor’s screen, hear their voice and be able to ask questions and participate in class discussion realt time. There will be mentored lab session in which you can also ask questions, and even share your screen with the instructor should you get stuck.Classroom TrainingEither scheduled at one of our facilities, or at your location, our skilled classroom instructors will help create a dynamic classroom experience optimized for learning. You’ll watch and participate as the instructor demonstrates a coding technique, and then try it on your own. Lab assignments will integrate the materials and help you retain what’s taught.

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