Landlording Made Easier

Thursday, April 12, 2018 from 10:00AM to 10:00AM

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Do you ever dread the first of the month because you know some of your renters will not pay and you will have to deal with them?

 Do you ever cringe when the phone rings at night?

 Do you want to learn the simple change you can make that will turn being a landlord from a nightmare into a good dream?

And would you like to Network with the Elite Members and have enjoy a great Continental Breakfast? 

If your answer to any of these questions was "YES"--then you will not want to miss this month’s AREA Elite meeting—“Landlording Made Easier”.

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Whether you’re a seasoned, a brand new, or an accidentallandlord, you probably know the stress that it can cause when you have to evict a tenant for not paying the rent or whensomething breaks. If you have not mastered the "Management Skill"--landlording will not be very much fun. You need to have a good plan that will insure your success and make your time as a landlord a pleasant and rewarding experience.

Here is just some of what will be covered...

• The simple technique that CAN revolutionize your REI Business

• How to instantly make your business more efficient

• How quickly improve profits and reduce mistakes

• A system to install confidence & enthusiasm in your Business

• How to establish guidelines that save time and money

• How to insure that your team is working to their fullest potential

• And much much more!

By learning and putting this Magic formula into place you will be able to clearly communicate your objectives to your Renters, Team and Customers, and start to quickly achieve your goals and avoid problems and misunderstandings; provide fairness and predictability; and gain the respect of your team your renters and your peers.

So if you want to learn how to...

• Be successful without working nights and weekends

• Attract, screen, and select good tenants

• Train your tenants to live up to their promises

• Make money every time a tenant calls

• Get bigger security deposits

• Increase the length of time your tenants stay

• Increase your cash flow by reducing maintenance & vacancy

• Get rid of unwanted tenants legally without evicting

• Rent without showing homes to prospective tenants

• Raise rents without losing your good tenants

• Get back homes in better shape than when rented

Then be sure not to miss this great training.

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About the Speaker

Dennis Henson is President of Vanguard Marketing and Investments, Inc. and the AREA (Arlington Real Estate Association of Investors). He is the inventor of TurboBidder and the author of "Becoming Wealthy in Real Estate" the Investors Guide to Riches.

An expert at controlling property for profit without taking title and many other creative techniques. With over 40 years in the real estate investing experience Dennis has done numerous profitable real estate transactions throughout the Southern United States. 

Specializing single family investing and he is experienced in all 
aspects of real estate investing—options, rent to own, land contracts, contracts for deeds, pre-foreclosure, foreclosure, bankruptcy, probate, subject to, wrap around mortgages, seller carry back notes, land trusts, leases, creative financing and other areas of real estate investing. 

Dennis stays on the cutting edge of his trade by actively seeking out and teaching the best and newest ideas in residential real estate investing. As a mentor and teacher he has helped hundreds of investors get off to the right start in investing this. He also works with experienced investors helping them take their business to the next level. Examples of his training can be seen on his training website

Well known throughout the nation as a teacher, author and speaker, Dennis has built a multimillion dollar single family real estate business while working as a full-time facility manager for a multi-billion dollar corporation. 

Armed with both a bachelor's and a master's degree in education, Dennis offers a unique, personal one-on-one mentoring system that provides individual training to new and experienced real estate investors throughout the United States. He has been helping students put their real estate investing businesses on steroids for many years.

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October 17, 2015 
10:00AM (until 12:00 PM)

Bob Duncan Community Center
2800 S. Center St, Arlington TX

Always casual

Advanced Registration is $55 (Couples $65)
At the door is $65 (Couples $75)

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Hope wait to see you there.


P.S. You will not want to miss this great technique--so sign up today and save!

Note: Elite classes are the monthly classes for Dennis J. Henson's private students. These students have paid for these classes as part of the "Single Family Fortunes" Mentoring program. The classes have been opened to the public but there is a small fee to attend. The lessons are advanced and only serious investors are encouraged to attend.

Bob Duncan Center
2800 S. Center St. Arlington TX us

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