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Sunday, December 31, 2017 from 4:00AM to 4:00AM

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Many Organizers, particularly ones with larger groups, get lots of emails wanting Organizer to do this or that. From a marketing perspective, most of these emails are junk. But some are eligible sponsors.

They may or may not tell you they have a budget. And they may be spamming the Organizers with requests. And, MOST IMPORTANTLY, the Organizer receiving these requests may not be interested in the sender as a sponsor.

Please write into the Comment section any solicitations other Organizers may be interested in.

Some background and rules of etiquette and exchange here. Most leads are probably not worth much, so consider giving freely and you'll likely see reciprication. Some leads are worth quite a bit, and here, you can, post without giving actual prospect identity, and then negotiate with whoever might be interested.

Please put what your thoughts about the prospect is. Is it near junk? Is it someone who has a very tight budget? Is it a long term prospect? Is it a ready to buy prospect?

Also, then set down terms, if any, you want for the lead. Is it a free lead, is it 50% of total ad revenue for one time, is it 10% of total ad revenue for a period of 2 years?

Most leads listed here will likely be junk. But a few might work out.

Chen will start off with some examples.



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