NLP Starter 2-Day Class (April)

from Saturday, April 22, 2017 9:30AM to Sunday, April 23, 2017 5:30PM

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Note: this is not a typical meetup! This is a special event - a 2-day-long workshop taught by NLP Trainer Katie Raver.  This class will not be taught again in Austin until April 2017.

You  MUST register online to reserve and confirm your spot in class.  This class is firmly limited to 20 participants:

In the NLP Starter class, you will learn and discover:

Experiencing the world from different points of view
Instead of simply “thinking about” how others perceive things, this NLP process allows you to step into their experience in a realistic way. It also allows you to begin to understand how successful people do what they do, from the inside.

NLP Presuppositions
These are the foundational concepts and beliefs that have proven useful in living a happy, successful, flexible life. Adopt them or not, they often stimulate new learnings and ideas.

Deep Noticing
You can learn to see, hear, and feel even more of the world around you and within. This allows you to put your attention on what’s most effective in a given moment.

Programming for the Future
Learn how to install useful behaviors for future use, so that they run automatically when you most need them.

See you in class! 

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