The Opportunity in Blockchain for Entrepreneurs

Friday, March 31, 2017 from 7:00AM to 8:30AM

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Entrepreneurs: Does your solution need to assure that its data can be trusted? Peter Kirby, CEO of FACTOM, will tell us how FACTOM delivers that through Blockchain Technology

The Fourth Digital Age is arriving when computer systems will be controlling business operations in real time using input streamed from ubiquitous sensors. Those systems expect humans to make the decisions they can’t. Humans must take control when something is wrong. Predetermined rules for these operations will be based on detailed analysis of big data and modeling before handed to the computers to monitor, control, and alert.

Trustworthy data is the prime requisite for success in this Age.

·        Data must be assured that it can’t be corrupted, will always be available in real time, and preserved for audit

·        People and systems must be validated that they are who or what they say they are

·        Because these are critical mission operations, records must be preserved for audit and legal reasons

Blockchain technology is been created to respond to the requirements of this Age. Factom is providing the environment to make the technology and its implementers successful.

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8920 Business Park Drive Austin Texas United States

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Bill Kleinebecker
Technology Management Consultant