Cofounder Austin - Keynote: Miguel Hernandez, Founder - Doctor Lead Gen

Monday, September 10, 2018 from 6:30PM to 9:00PM

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Miguel started his career as a sales rep for Vector Marketing in June of 2009. That summer he became the #1 sales rep in Puerto Rico, which concluded in him closing $55,000 in personal career sales. Ten months later he opened a Branch Office with Vector Marketing and built a sales team that sold $124,000 in product during 3 months.  Immediately after he become a District Manager from 2010 to 2012.  During that time period he interviewed 6,000+ individuals and trained 600+ sales reps which in turn sold over $2 Million in Cutco cutlery.
In the fall of 2012 he joined a MLM company, which is not his proudest moment (hahaha), however, in 3 months time he recruited and trained a team that sold $135,000 in product.
In the spring of 2014 he began his first start-up in Puerto Rico, called Donde Queda Eso, which translates toWhere is that? (Makes more sense in Spanish). The focus for his first start-up was to provide local puerto rican businesses with online marketing strategies. He continued to run that business until 2018.
However, in 2015 he got a job working for a professional marketing agency called Lifestyle Workweek. Here he learned the art of online funnel building. During his year there he built multiply and very profitable funnels forinvestment and real estate companies that were already generating millions of dollars in revenue a year.
Fast forward to January 2017, he became a Technical Customer Service Specialist for ClickFunnels. Here he mastered the Clickfunnels software and funnel building for multiple industries.
In the fall of 2017 he began his 2nd start-up called Paradise Funnels, which offered funnel building services and business coaching. Then HURRICANE MARIA HAPPENED. He lost all his clients due to lack of electricity and internet and was forced to go into survival mode working for a non-profit organization. The focus was to get food and water to hurricane survivors. After 3 months of aiding his fellow Puerto Ricans, the same non-profit paid him to aid and coach local businesses that were recovering from the storm.  He was the Business Director for the team assigned in aiding these communities. He helped 25 local businesses to increase profitability while becoming fully operational in the process.
Finally, May of this year he moved HERE, and began his 3rd start-up called Doctor Lead Gen. His offers one-on-one life and business coaching, with a focus on online marketing, funnel building automation, and Facebook and Google advertisement.  He also offers group coaching bootcamps centered around giving growing entrepreneurs the tools necessary to make their ideas generate income, rather than depending on investors to have the capital to scale their businesses.


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