Black Business Week

from Monday, February 11, 2019 11:00AM to Saturday, February 16, 2019 10:00AM

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Reception - Proclamation -- -- -- 0
Joint Ventures / Partnerships - Hellen Collier -- -- -- 0
Customer Service -Tavares Bethel -- -- -- 0
Modern Social Media Marketing -- -- -- 0
NonProfit Fundraising using Technology -- -- -- 0
Certifications 101 -Blender Hill -- -- -- 0
The Art of Business Negotiations -Ebony Todd Esq. -- -- -- 0
Raising Capital - PeopleFund -- -- -- 0
People START - PeopleFund -- -- -- 0
Texas Department of Agriculture- HUB Program/ GoTexan Program -- -- -- 0
B.O.B Boot CAMP! Complimentary -- -- -- 0
Professional Headshots-LinkedIn -- -- -- 0
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Killeen Black Business Week embodies fundamentals by which we interpret and understand the world. Education constitutes the shift of the culture in which we live. African American businesses are historically underutilized at both the local and state levels. Therefore, we need to find ways to reveal, challenge and change the culture of black business through education, economics and resources. This approach seeks to facilitate and foster the stability in Killeen's Black Businesses as a way of opening up political space, leveraging strategic relationships, and giving voice to voices that are usually drown out or ignored. By letting businesses proliferate, we aim to undermine assumptions and preconceptions, and change the narrative about stigmatized or marginalized groups. Business weeks of this sort can be very effective in influencing individual change and transforming relationships. This can also be used to open up the policy space, particularly when businesses or underresourced communities are polarized. *People Start *Social Media HELP! *Customer Service *Certifications 101 *Raising Capital *Joint Ventures/Partnerships *Tech Talk *Black Business Awards Gala *B.O.B. Boot Camp If you are interested in being a Sponsor please email
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