Spring Conference and AGM 2019

from Friday, April 12, 2019 10:00AM to Saturday, April 13, 2019 7:00PM

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AVP Dinner - Complimentary -- -- -- 0
Mollie Sommer Wellness Workshops add-on Morning Session -- -- -- 6.32
Mollie Sommer Wellness Add-on Afternoon Session -- -- -- 6.32
Early Bird RVT Friday Only -- -- -- 133.63
Early Bird RVT Saturday Only -- -- -- 133.63
Early Bird RVT 2 day -- -- -- 213.19
Early Bird Student Friday Only -- -- -- 107.1
Early Bird Student Saturday Only -- -- -- 107.1
Early Bird Student 2 Day -- -- -- 191.97
Early Bird Sustained/Retired Friday only -- -- -- 107.1
Early Bird Sustained/Retired Saturday Only -- -- -- 107.1
Early Bird Sustained/Retired 2 day -- -- -- 191.97
Early Bird Non-Member Friday Only -- -- -- 149.54
Early Bird Non-Member Saturday Only -- -- -- 149.54
Early Bird Non-Member 2 day -- -- -- 266.23
RVT Friday Only -- -- -- 138.93
RVT Saturday Only -- -- -- 138.93
RVT 2 Day -- -- -- 266.23
Student Friday Only -- -- -- 133.63
Student Saturday Only -- -- -- 133.63
Student 2 Day -- -- -- 213.19
Sustained/Retired Friday Only -- -- -- 133.63
Sustained/Retired Saturday Only -- -- -- 133.63
Sustained/Retired 2 Day -- -- -- 213.19
Non-Member Friday Only -- -- -- 160.15
Non-Member Saturday Only -- -- -- 160.15
Non-Member 2 Day -- -- -- 292.76
Board Members -- -- -- 0
Pre-paid with Job Fare/tradeshow -- -- -- 0
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Event Details

BCVTA Spring Conference and AGM 2019 Join us for a weekend of education, guidance and wellness! Together we can build longevity into our profession! This year's speakers include:  Tasha McNerney CVT, CVPP, VTS(Anesthesia) Saturday April 13th All day Topics:  10am - Hypothermia during intra-op and post-op periods 11am - Top Myths in Veterinary Anesthesia 1pm - Anesthethic Monitoring Parameters 2pm - Ins and outs of the Anesthetic Machine 3:15pm - Career Opportunities in Pain Management for RVTs.  Becky Taylor RVT Friday April 12th 9:30-11:30am Self Promotion and the "Perfomance Review" Attendees will work in groups to discuss:  What is the value of an RVT in practice? Build a personal asset list Outline expectations of yourself and your employer Brainstorm Ideas for a professional portfolio Discuss best practices for receiving feedback Outline differences between contract negotiations and performance reviews How to have those "difficult' conversations Erica Gray RVT  Friday April 12th 2-4pm Caring for the Senior Equine Patient Our senior patients require specialized individual considerations in their health care plans. Discussion will be around those needs  and how we can work together with the DVM and clients to improve our senior patients quality of life.  Mollie Sommer Friday April 12th 9:30-11:30am and 2-4pm We are excited to be able to offer these workshops! Seating is limited so please sign up fast if you are interested!! Core Values: knowing who you are at your core will help you chose actions that are true to who you are and that will make you happier and healthier. Power of Intention: we can often have the best of intention but still find ourselves struggling due to underlying fears, issues of self worth that stop us from moving forward. This workshop explains how we move though our day making choices and identifying what can hold us back.  Kathryn Welsman DVM Saturday April 13th 1pm-4pm Phone Triage: How to help owners over the phone when hanging up isn’t an option! This talk covers basic first aid principles from the view point of how to help an owner over the phone in an emergency. Topics include how to deal with common toxicities, CPR review, seizures, respiratory and ocular emergencies as well as reproductive issues. This may seem boring or super obvious but sometimes it can be very challenging thinking on your feet when an owner is very upset, or knowing if an animal needs to be seen now, this afternoon or it can wait until next week.   Any veterinary technician who answers the phone will need these skills and any veterinary technician wanting to work in an emergency practice should have this knowledge at their fingertips.   Bring your sense of humour and a pen/paper so we can get some participation going!   Learning should be fun! Ivana Novosel RVT/ CEO IMLocum  Saturday April 13th 10am-12pm Employment Standards in BC Ivana will be bringing an employment lawyer to come and discuss the difference between employees and contractors, employment agreements, employment policies (privacy, respectful workplace, performance management, progressive discipline, social media), Compensation, leaves of absence, working, resting and overtime, OH&S and WCB, Human rights, Harassment and Discrimination, Termination of employment/contractor relationship.
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