Genome-centric Metagenomics Workshop 2019

from Monday, August 19, 2019 9:30AM to Tuesday, August 27, 2019 6:00PM

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Wetlab Session -- -- -- 836.5
Bioinformatics data analysis Session -- -- -- 947.9
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10 tickets available for the wetlab session and 30 tickets available for the bioinformatics data analysis session This genome-centric metagenomics workshop will teach you how to obtain provisional whole genomes of individual populations from a mixed microbial community using metagenomics. The workshop has two sessions: Wetlab Session: this two-day session (August 19-20, 2019) is dedicated towards wetlab work to generate metagenomic libraries. It takes place in EEEL Building, University of Calgary. Shotgun metagenome library construction Library clean-up and size selection Demo of sequencing metagenome libraries on Illumina MiSeq Quality control and troubleshooting tips   Bioinformatics Data Analysis Session: this five-day session (August 21-23,  August 26-27, 2019) is focused on metagenomic data analysis. It takes place at the University of Calgary. Amplicon data analysis overview Gene-centric metagenome data analysis overview Metagenome reads quality check and quality control Assemble quality controlled reads into contigs Annotate assembled contigs Map quality controlled reads onto contigs Bin contigs into provisional genome bins Extract taxonomic, functional, and pathway annotations for each binned genomes Symposium with invited speakers (August 23, 2019)   This workshop is developed by Energy Bioengineering and Geomicrobiology Group at the University of Calgary.  For more detailed information related to the workshop, please visit:
EEEL Building, University of Calgary
750 Campus Drive, NW Calgary AB CA

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