EXPLORER Symposium

from Monday, September 9, 2019 10:30AM to Monday, September 9, 2019 7:00PM

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SEEING IS BELIEVING: ADVANCES IN MEDICAL IMAGING A Symposium to celebrate the opening of the EXPLORER Molecular Imaging Center Monday September 9th, 2019 8.30 am to 5 pm Auditorium, Betty Irene Moore Hall UC Davis Medical Center 2570 48th Street, Sacramento, CA 95817 Official program: ~ SCHEDULE ~ 8.00 - 8.40 am             Registration and Continental Breakfast SESSION I                           Chair: Ramsey Badawi 8.40 am                              Welcome                                              Simon Cherry & Ramsey Badawi (Biomedical Engineering & Radiology, UC Davis)   Symposium Opening                                              Allison Brashear (Dean, School of Medicine)   8.50 am                              Total-Body Positron Emission Tomography: EXPLORER and Beyond                                              Simon Cherry (UC Davis)   9.15 am                              Nonhuman Primate Total-Body PET Studies with the miniEXPLORER: Road to Translation Gregory Wheeler (UC Davis)   9.30 am                              Total-Body Dynamic PET Parametric Imaging                                              Xuezhu Zhang (UC Davis)   9.45 am                              In Vivo Real-Time Tracking of Single Cells Using Whole-Body PET/CT                                              Guillem Pratx (Stanford University)   10.00 am                            Coffee and Tea Break   10.30 am                            INVITED: The Promise of Theranostics for Seeing and Treating Cancer                                              Carolyn Anderson (University of Pittsburgh)   11.00 am                            Preclinical Development and First-in-Human Imaging of the Integrin Αvβ6 with [18F]Αvβ6-Binding Peptide in Metastatic Carcinoma                                              Sven Hausner (UC Davis)   11.15 am                            Translation of 89Zr-VRC01 for PET/MR Imaging of Persistent HIV: First-in-Human                                              Dennis Beckford-Vera (UCSF)   11.30 am                            Total-Body, Time of Flight PET’s Role in Detection of Methylation Abnormalities Associated with Mental Disorders                                              Thomas Budinger (UC Berkeley) 11.45 am                            INVITED: Imaging Over the Horizon                                              Paula Jacobs (National Cancer Institute)   12.15 pm                                              ~Lunch and Poster Viewing ~ -1.30 pm   SESSION II                         Chair: Emilie Roncali 1.30 pm                              INVITED: Realizing 10.5T Whole-Body MRI: Challenges and Opportunities                                              Gregory Metzger (University of Minnesota)   2.00 pm                              Imaging a Stress Test for the Brain: Simultaneous [15O]-water PET/MRI of Cerebral Blood Flow in Cerebrovascular Disease                                              Audrey Fan (Stanford University)   2.15 pm                              Strongly Interacting Magnetic Particle Imaging                                              Steven Conolly (UC Berkeley)   2.45 pm                              Coffee and Tea Break   3.15 pm                              INVITED: How Emerging Technology in CT Enables New Quantitative Imaging Applications                                              Andrew Karellas (University of Arizona)   3.45 pm                              A Dual-Layer Flat-Panel Detector for X-ray Image Guidance and Quantitative Imaging                                              Linxi Shi (Stanford University)   4.00 pm                              INVITED: The Transformation Imaging has Made in Health Care and Clinical Research in Oncology and a Look to the Future                                              Patricia Price (Imperial College London)   4.30 pm – 6:00 pm                         ~ Reception and Poster Viewing ~   ~ Tours ~ 5.50 pm & 6.10 pm          Bus leaves for tours of the EXPLORER MOLECULAR IMAGING CENTER  
Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing
2570 48th Street Sacramento CA US


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