BSC Business Owners COVID-19 Support Group

Thursday, April 23, 2020 from 12:00PM to 1:00PM

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You're invited to our weekly BSC Business Owners COVID-19 Support Group to share your ideas, issues, and concerns with people nationwide who understand what you are going through — owners just like you! 

Here's the basic agenda each week

Situation Room:

We want you to talk about your business, tell us what's going on, and make contacts. People tell us there have been potential new sales and strategic alliances when they are open again for business — and, they will be. Many of us have been through really tough economic and difficult times. We are good listeners and can share our insights and provide realistic encouragement. This is our "newsroom" from all over the country or from those who have clients in other states or nations.

But, we also celebrate good news of all kinds and share useful life resources because there has to be balance. Business isn't everything.

Priority Action Planning:

It can seem overwhelming to decide what to do now. Too many options. I have invited special business experts to join us to give us their take on how to keep it together and get ready for what comes: legally, financially, technologically, and more. 

Would you like to be one of those experts? Contact us. Some of you may be new to business but you have ideas, too. Some of you have years of experience to draw on. Maybe you had a business and can share what you learned. Everyone is welcome. So is every idea. We encourage you to share your expertise and insight on our topics. 

Got a question or trying to make a big decision? Tell us about it and let us be your ad hoc advisory board.

No clique here

You are not alone. Everyone is valuable, important, and is encouraged to participate. If we work together, we can get through this in a sustainable, meaningful way and move ahead successfully to the new normal. This is our way at the BSC to help you and your business, to do something for others, and to feel as if there are some positive actions to take. 

Got an idea or comment about the BSC support group? We welcome it at any time but it may need to be offline so we can stay on time. We stop at 1PM sharp. 

What I know is that we learn from each other and improve. When we come together, we may not be able to be the "best" we would like to be. But, we can find "better" and more "acceptable" responses to the current situation that are realistic and practical for this time and the future.

Meets Every Thursday Noon-1 Central Time through the end of September

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Be kind. Be safe. Be optimistic — I am.

Here's to working together for greater sustainability: for enough profit to provide great products and services at fair prices and a fair return, to work for people, and to benefit the planet.

Your moderator and meeting host:

Jan Triplett, Ph.D. CBTAC, CEO Business Success Center & Professor, MBA Program, Mary Baldwin University


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