General Manager Posted on 6/20/2016


As Fasten’s General Manager, you will need to be exactly that; the General. You will lead a team of dedicated and ambitious people to represent the Fasten brand in a new city. First impressions are lasting, and you will ensure that we have a powerful presence in the city. The position is a highly strategic and important factor in the success of a city launch. You will need to be fearless, take calculated risks, and have a tireless inner drive.  You will be responsible for the growth, development, public relations and marketing activities for your city.  The position is not for the faint of heart, but is the perfect opportunity for a talented and natural born leader to propel their experience level and skills at hyperspeed.



  • A natural born leader, you can easily influence people based on your charisma, emotional/ intellectual intelligence, and presence alone.
  • You are fearless and ready to take on anything that’s thrown at you
  • A native of the launch city, with local ties that run deep. Basically; people know you
  • You execute, and you’re damn good at it
  • You love data, and you always want more.
  • You measure everything and know the right questions to ask
  • You’re a certified badass and you’re ready to prove it



  • Experience at a high growth, fast paced startup
  • Experience building and leading teams, preferably 5 to 7 years in an operational and managerial role
  • A network that reaches far and wide, and the ability to leverage it
  • The ambition and resilience to handle G-force like turbulence that comes with opening and running a new launch city



  • Build a team of highly talented people to assist and support Fasten’s growth in the launch city
  • Develop partnerships with local businesses, hotels, venues, sports franchises and restaurants to excel Fasten’s Brand Awareness
  • Analyze local market data to optimize processes, create structure, suggest new features, fixes, and ultimately strengthen our product, and business, to perform at its highest level
  • Partner with HQ to plan and execute a strategy for marketing initiatives, operational procedures, analytical insights and local market characteristics
  • Be a hardcore evangelist of Fasten brand, functioning as a one (wo)man public relations army



At Fasten, we believe ridesharing will be a mainstay in the future of transportation. But only after ridesharing companies make serious changes to the way they operate. For instance, charging 20% commission from drivers is unsustainable. We have a different approach. We believe in being fair to drivers while staying affordable for riders. And we believe that’s how ridesharing will grow.


Ridesharing is a vital part of the urban mobility framework and is growing exponentially. Investors around the globe have entrusted ridesharing startups with tens of billions of dollars because of their potential to usher in a new era in the way people move about in cities.

We offer a unique, ground-floor opportunity to play an important role in this exponential growth. Come join our team of successful serial entrepreneurs and help us make ridesharing more affordable for everyone.

Position: Open Position
Salary: Negotiable

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