CO-FOUNDER Wanted: Lead Developer Posted on 11/28/2016



We're looking for iOS & Android engineers to lead the development of the Carla app. We're a start-up culture, with small teams working on distinct projects. We have a fast-paced and collaborative environment that is incredibly dynamic and team oriented. We are all passionate about bringing carpooling to the masses and making alternate transportation fun and easy.

Here are the kinds of skills we’re looking for:

General Skills

  • Experience collaborating on software projects. Cowboy coding is fun, but you have to prove that you can work efficiently as part of a team

  • Insightful opinions about developing for mobile

  • A github account with some cool projects in it

  • Scary amazing debugging skills

  • Experience developing location aware mobile applications

  • Experience developing testing suites for mobile applications

  • Experience with web technologies (JavaScript, CSS, HTML5)

  • Passion for startups and the carpooling/transportation space

iOS Skills

  • Experience developing, releasing, and maintaining native iOS applications (point us to your work in the App Store)

  • Deep knowledge of Objective-C

Android Skills

  • Experience developing, releasing, and maintaining native Java Applications (point us to your apps on Google Play)

  • Deep understanding of the Android SDK

  • Crazy stories about supporting multiple Android devices

Position: Looking for cofounder for equity plus salary
Stock Equity: 10-25%
Salary: Negotiable

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