Account Executive Posted on 1/7/2019

100 CRM

What do we do?

Our company works with successful small and medium sized businesses and creates custom software solutions for them. Our team passionately invests time and effort to understand our client's needs and deliver on it. We provide stellar white glove service that customers pay a premium for. We are looking for the determined and proactive people to join our team.



Our Culture

We are constantly looking how to make us better and serve our clients needs most efficiently. The CEO personally talks with everybody in the team on a regular basis and gets to know everyone on a personal level. We share with each other what we feel and collaborate all the time. We take vacations when we need them and work at any day or time we feel like working. We produce high results and celebrate our successes. When we get together, we drink a lot of good wine, eat delicious food and have a great time. We focus on long term success and satisfaction of everyone on the team and share our goals, values and dreams.


Account Executive’s Job Mission

The purpose of this job is to:

  • Prospect and qualify leads;
  • Build rapport with customers as a Trusted Advisor;
  • Investigate client's business problems and needs;
  • Create needs and explore solutions;
  • Scope out custom software solutions;
  • Close deals;
  • Provide customers with excellent service;
  • Communicate customer's situation to the product team;
  • Maintain long term relationships with customers;
  • Resolve misunderstandings and relationship issues.


We are looking for the following Qualities:

  • Hustler;
  • Fights for Customers;
  • Good Communicator;
  • On point;
  • Understanding of people’s needs;
  • Proactive.


We are NOT looking for:

  • Complacent order takes;
  • Pushy or manipulative salespeople;
  • Bad communicators.

It will be a good fit for you if:

  • You are willing to put a lot of effort in before getting a result (a lot of work goes in to relationships here);
  • You are glad to learn from messing up (it's okay - we all do it ;)
  • You like to be connected with the team;
  • You like to see results of your actions;
  • You admit it when you make a mistake (we don't bite here ;)
  • You are willing to take risks;
  • You are in for an exciting journey;
  • You care about the long term game (it is a relationship heavy business).

It will NOT be a good fit for you if:

  • You are looking for instant gratification or a lot of money fast (our initial sales are always small and we invest in relationships with clients);
  • You aren’t in a place to learn (we are always learning here);
  • You are looking for stability and security (things change all the time in our company - we discover new things and always make changes to become better).


Compensation is 100% based on commission

The sky is the limit with the commissions. We bring you a lot of good leads. We are backed by a big software company and have had a good marketing presence from Day 1.

If you work hard and perform well, you can make very good six figures - but it will take work.



You can work anywhere you want (most of the business is done over Zoom and most people are remote). We have an office in Downtown Austin, TX and you’re welcome to come there and use it for client meetings anytime.


About 100 CRM:

We help successful companies scale up and streamline themselves by carefully identifying the business problems and creating efficient software solutions for them. Join our team and help businesses achieve their goals and dreams.

Position: Fulltime
Salary: Negotiable

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