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Austin, Texas - United States




Dennis is the co-founder and CEO at Structured Domains. Working as the architect of Structured Domains concept. He oversees the design and technical strategy of the company. Dennis became a software developer early on. At age 14 he wrote his first c++ program, started working full time as a software developer at age 18 and was number one on UVa Online Judge. Dennis got his degree later on from University of Texas at Austin majoring in computer science. Before founding Structured Domains dennis was a CTO at TrafficMedia building and designing domain appraisal systems, text snippet clustering engine, registrars, domain parking systems and various CMS.Dennis is fluent in multiple languages, including English, Russian & Hebrew. He lives and works in Austin,TX. Outside of work, he is an avid cyclist, photographer, kitesurfer and triathlete. Basically all the fun stuff.

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software development

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c++ c# java design ux sql jquery javascript html you get the idea