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David S. Hunter

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Austin , Texas - United States


Open Source Tech


Working in the inner city with youths in New Orleans, I got to see first hand what things like drug abuse, poverty and crime can do to a community as well as a country. It made me serious about wanting to make a difference in a pragmatic way. Instead of wanting to feed the poor or give clothes to the homeless, I was consumed with the thought of trying to create a system where homelessness and drug abuse were obsolete. That's what drove me into socilogy, journalism and now as a Social Entrepreneur. I also love new technlogy(Quantum Tech, Biotech, Nanotech, AI, Space Exploration) so that helped me along the pathSociologist, Journalist and Social Entrepreneur. Obsessed with Travel, Futuritic Tech, Making a Difference, Tattoos and Game of Thrones

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I can solve the problem of stagnation in social progress.

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business development product organization management networking public speaking