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I am a business manager with 11 years experience designing and consulting for clients such as Starwood Hospitality and Marc Jacobs International. I have participated in the retail-construction-ecommerce space and have established a new type of business that leverages opportunities that those spaces offer. I seek a marketing/sales partner who has the drive and wit to communicate to the world that we are redefining what it means to be a Ruralist, that having the confidence to build a barn or cabin yourself, then doing it, is an elevated state of country, and something to celebrate. I want a product manager on the founding team who will keep every piece of our product honest to the bone, earth-friendly, durable, strong, cost-efficient, profitable, and elegant. To make sure that every product arrives to its destination on time and without harm, that every customer who might be interested in our product is aware of it value and know how to finance the purchase.

I am good at

For those who live in remote locations, we can solve problems with building shelters that are elegant, durable, and worth living in.

Skills and Expertise

a) eCommerce fulfillment b) content marketing sales social media analytics SEO/SEM

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