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Jesus Lopez

CEO and Co-Founder




Austin, Texas - United States


Finance Technology


Jesus is the CEO and Founder of OnePayApp, the online bill paying platform. He is passionate about entrepreneurship, technology and finance. He aims to bridge urging needs in society and technological solutions that create a lasting impact. His passion behind innovation comes from the idea of changing lives and doing so for the good of society. His background comes from working at diverse companies of stature that have given him experience first hand on how to administer, structure and understand processes. He further holds a dual degree in Economics and Government and a certificate in Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship, which have given him insights on the different perspectives needed to run a business. Finally, he is also a back-end programmer specializing in PHP and MySQL languages and frameworks, where he aims to bring innovative solutions to complex problems.

I am good at

I am a person that can see a wholesome problem and break it to pieces to properly attack it and develop a plan to do so. Furthermore, I enjoy finding innovative answers to difficult problems and prefer to do it by bootstrapping to further validate the idea.

Skills and Expertise

UX Design Business Development Strategy Project Coordination Basic developer (I get it cant write most of it) Analysis of Information Public Speaking and Business Networking.

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