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• Taught difficult concepts in Business Economics, Accounting, Finance and Business Mathematics to over 4,323 students across 194 different classes.• Increased students’ retained concentration on and participation in class discussions. • Built strong rapport and good relationship with students in general, inspiring them to overcome their academic difficulties by giving extra attention to students in need beyond the allocated class time. • Communicated complicated concepts, full of technical jargon, to international students in simple English.• Supervised, lectured, and tutored the Business Economics unit at Diploma Level, to 650 students. Created all assignments, tests and final exams for this unit in every semester and reported performance to a Macquarie University appointed Unit Co-coordinator to ensure the Unit of BBA103 was run in line with Macquarie University standards. Responsibilities: tutoring tertiary students in Business Mathematics and Techniques and Elements of Finance, discussing course material with lecturers and other tutors, preparing tutorial questions, supervising examinations, marking assignments and examination papers, and organising additional tutorial help

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