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• With 5 years of experience, I have worked on, and led various projects with different technologies. But I enjoy web development best, especially ASP.NET MVC. I also created my own side-project about book review (http://sausach.vn/) - using ASP.NET MVC5 with some other cool stuff like Bootstrap, jQuery File Upload, OAuth, Elmah, Dynamic Data, infinite scrolling...• I’m confident with my English. I can communicate well with it, read lots of English books, and got 925 in the TOEIC test.• I always work well with others, not wasting time at work, my code is clean and well commented; and being a martial-art practitioner, I’m very self-disciplined.• I like to work in an environment that makes employees feel comfortable, creative, and enjoy working. Something similar to a book cafe would be nice :D.

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