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At 31 years old, I’ve worked in I.T. for over a third of my life. I started at 19 in tech support for the Alamo Colleges in San Antonio, when dial-up was still a common method of connectivity. Imagine that. Troubleshooting browser and web-based application issues when user’s had to disconnect in order to call in. My desire to learn and improve the quality of service I provided quickly thrust me forward into the area of root-cause analysis, application administration & training, project management, and more. Since then, I’ve continued to expand my scope of expertise by surrounding myself with amazing individuals and experts in analytics, project management, Ui & Ux design & development, and digital outreach. I’ve freelanced, started businesses, worked in creative agencies, served 2 years at Google, and have even taken my talents into the political spectrum. All the while, learning and connecting with some very bright and exciting people. When I’m able to close my MBP, which I’m proud to say is more often everyday, I enjoy exploring the world outside my home office. I started a program called Conquer U that helps individuals create their own personal philosophy of life. We often head out on camping trips, rock climbing adventures, and more to help identify and overcome the limitations we’ve placed upon ourselves. In fact, after a recent trip to Peru, where I trekked beyond the tallest peaks of the Andes Mountains and walked through the Amazon Rainforest, I’m now working with locally-based businesses in Cusco & Puerto Maldonado to ensure they have the proper tech support needed to expand their customer-base and continue their social efforts within their communities. Aside from my professional and community work, it’s important to know that I’m married to the most amazing person in the world. She fully supports me in my efforts to explore, learn, and grow. Of course, much of that is done together, but without her, I wouldn’t be half the man I am today.

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I can solve the full scope of problems within a marketing, product development, or management capacity.

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Marketing UX Design Product Management Web Design

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