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John Milburn

Product Management Consulting

Independent Consultant



Austin, Texas - United States




I am starting a new role, as of June, 2016. I plan to work closely with technology firms to help them to become more market driven, improving their processes, roles, and metrics. My experience - both personal and through my interaction with leading companies from around the world - helps me to relate to all levels of skills and all types of organizations. I have worked in the technology field for over 20 years in various roles - software developer, sales, management, marketing, product management. Most of my career has been in larger companies (IBM, Dell, TI), but I've also helped start a venture backed startup called Lane15 Software and developed channel programs for VTel (videoconferencing). I spent the past 10 years as an instructor at Pragmatic Marketing, teaching technology professionals and executives how to apply best practices in Product Management and Requirements. I had the opportunity to engage with thousands of wicked smart individuals, in all types of technology firms, around the globe. Specialties: Product Management; Product Planning; Product Marketing; Leadership; Roadmapping; Requirements; Agile/Scrum