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Jason Parolin

Senior Consultant

SynC, Inc.



Austin, Texas - United States


Supply Chain & Logistics


Assistant Treasurer, Global Supply Chain: ability to analyze a dynamic supply chain at strategic, tactical, and operational levels utilizing both discrete and stochastic modeling, in conjunction with financial analysis, to develop and enhance working capital tools to manage current assets. Working knowledge of logistics systems, transportation networks and infrastructure. Capable of identifying risk factors within a supply chain and deploying working capital tools such as FX, insurance facilities, repos, swaps, and credit lines to better manage inventory and cash flow. Capabilities in planning for end-to-end supply chain management including procurement, production, inventory control, logistics and distribution, risk management, and business continuity. Ability to calculate total supply chain costs for strategic planning analysis and evaluation of new projects. Expertise in land and real estate title: ability to prioritize capital budget expenditures with a primary focus on investment in IT infrastructure and real estate acquisition. Strong finance background with extensive analytic experience: ability to optimize WACC for capital expenditures, and management of daily cash flows.

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Supply Chain Continuity.

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Supply Chain Treasury Management Finance Accounting

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