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Mike Reed

Director of Product Development

M Corp



Austin, Texas - United States


Information Technology & Services


Understanding business and technology and having meaningful influence on both can change the trajectory of any organization. My role is in leading that change. I have launched and expanded critical initiatives that change how business is done: the introduction of Active Directory and Exchange in the 90's, the development of carrier-grade VoIP infrastructures and SaaS services in the '00's, the launch of the iPhone & iPad and the birth of a completely new approach to managing mobile devices (MDM/EMM). I bring both architectural and applied deployment experience from a wide range of enterprise-critical technologies, working to keep organizations ahead of the curve in terms of risks and opportunities new technologies create. My professional career is built on the premise that highly enabled, functional teams are the cornerstone of organizational success and understanding the difference between management and leadership and the impacts of each on shared success.

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We help businesses measure their ability to execute on projects, giving them a starting point for choosing only those ventures likely to be successful.

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java javascript ionic angularJS php node.JS AWS Lambda

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