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David Redwine

President and CEO




Austin, Texas - United States



As co-founder of AI4Cloud, Dave serves a pivotal role for achieving rapid growth, industry recognition, and consistent profitability. Dave began his career as the youngest engineer in Digital Equipment Corporation's corporate accounts division. Achieving high levels of satisfaction for 32 corporate accounts, including South Western Bell, the Federal Aviation Administration, Halliburton, FDA, and Koch Hydrocarbon enabled him to rise within 2 short years to Senior Engineer for D.E.C.Dave continued to excel at a rapid pace, expanding to telecommunications, IT Infrastructure planning and management, and cutting edge research and development. While working on the IETF VOIP specifications for bridging IP and Telephony networks, he worked with Vint Cerf and Dave Dyson and was part of the 14 member team that finalized the SIP standards. Dave served a strategic role in ensuring the viability of VOIP QOS monitoring across high capacity transport fabrics.At Blockbuster Entertainment, Dave served as the WAN analyst for a network that, under his watch, grew from 75 stores to 3000 stores in less than 2 years. At CompuCom, he served as the chief architect for the next generation Remote Information Management and monitoring solution utilizing private and hybrid cloud strategies, as well as service definition for portfolio sales. The new strategies brought CompuCom a complete Full Stack Monitoring service model.Dave currently leads AI4Cloud in delivering cutting edge AI Artificial Intelligence and Actionable Intelligence visibility for Private, Hybrid, and Public Cloud, as well as virtualization platforms and traditional enterprise architectures. Dave uses his considerable experience across dozens of vertical markets and hundreds of business models to strategic align service management with business goals, allowing customers the ability to concentrate on their business aided with unparalleled visibility of their operational infrastructure and applications

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