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Working on software to service the need for veteran seniors to convey their wisdom to younger generations via modern smart technologies. The issue is: Seniors when retired have vast free time to convey wisdom and guidance, while younger generations are 110% busy with career, dating/marriage, children and life--they have no time to listen, at the time when they would benefit most. Enables senior productivity in later years of life by being of value to family, church, community and country. An interactive conversational software that verbally guides seniors to describe life stories capturing their insight, wisdom, knowledge and feelings/biases/views. Features to deliver specific information to selected individuals with a feedback mechanism for questions and elaboration requests. This conversational technology may also reduce loneliness of widowed veteran seniors who live solitarily, and the resulting depression they commonly experience. Full encryption to protect veteran confidentiality in cloud storage and during data transport. ************ Inviting INVESTORS and iOS DEVELOPERS to contact me to participate in a new generation of technology for the wise and wealthy older generation. Karma through Software! ************ S Raj Kumar, Founder, Austin, TX.

I am good at

Driving software development with customer needs. Software requirements with the detail that technical architects and programmers need to turn into code. Expert at negotiating with users on behalf of tech teams.

Skills and Expertise

Software requirements elicitation expert. Over a decade of working with corporate and small business management to understand their needs and requirements and conducting solutions architecture to gain consensus on the best viable features. With a technical background functions as liaison between business management/user and technical teams.

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